How to create a complete Don’t Tap the Black Tile game with Phaser

Few days back I redesigned the 2048 Game created using Phaser to show that we can modify it to cater to any format, any design or any sprite to be displayed.

Now I have come back with something new.Well There is a number one trending Game on Itunes . that is ‘ Dont Tap the Black’ game , which is driving installs like crazy.

So using Phaser, how to develop it?? I managed to utilize few minutes of my available time to code it in hurry, just to mock the flow of the tiles in the game.

Note that this only creates a flowing tilemap,where in randomly the alpha of the tile keeps on changing during the top down parallax flow.
Just need to add the tap gesture on this tiles to capture the scores.


Game.Play = function (game) {};

Game.Play.prototype = {

create: function () {

this.tiles =;
for (var i = 0; i < 4; i++) { for (var j= 0; j <4; j++) { tile = this.tiles.getFirstExists(false); tile =*80, j*120, 'tile'); tile.width=79;tile.height=119; tile.body.velocity.y= 320; this.tiles.add(tile); } } }, update: function() { this.tiles.forEachAlive(function(tile){ var x = Math.floor(Math.random() * (11)) ; if(tile.y>480 && tile.y<520) { tile.y = 0; tile.alpha=1; if(x*80 <= tile.x) tile.alpha=0; } }); } }