Any Body Can Develop Mobile Games With My Book

The current Market for HTML5 based games is so young that the success of developing games for HTML5 can be seen sooner or later, but faster than the other platforms such as Android , IOS or WP.
Once you develop your game you can publish it to Mobile markets using the mediation toolkits such as Cocos2d ,CocoonJS, Gameclosure , GameMaker etc.
Also you can publish it online to various HTML5 gaming markets.
The prospects for a Game developer are so huge these days that either has lot of oppurtunities open your way rather than you searching on your own with the specific skillset.
The creativity and simplicity plays an important role in case of HTML5 game development.
I have been working on a Multiplatform game , thats when it ticked me to write a Book that emphasizes on fast game development using a Javascript Framework and publishing it to the Mobile market .
The easiness of the game development using the tools I used are such that, the game can be prototyped within an hour and the complete game can be completed and released in just 2 days.

I have completed the Book and have got it Published too.

If anybody is interested in Mobile/HTML5 game development, then they can check out my Book and become a mobile game developer and release their first game within Just 2 days.

It takes months together for big budget games to produce a eye catching game that takes the market by fire. The only thing they do is marketing, and believe me for each installed app, they spend $4 to get that app/game reach your mobile, and for each of the installed games make them nowhere less than $22 to $40.

They spend millions on promoting their games, otherwise those games are still nowhere near the common developers games, only the graphics and marketing are the two important features that what make them stay put.

The current trend of mobile games has gone nostalgic, If you catch my drift and there is lot to be seen in this market now.

I have taken privilege to implement a game to start with a simple Infinite runner game where a character runs, jumps, collects coins with features like scores, leaderboards, ad networks etc in that.

The book comes with the complete game source code for the one developed in the Book.

The game I developed for this book is on google play market Just serach for “TINYRUN” (no spaces).


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Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids: Learn How to Develop a Multiplatform Game in 2 days