Cocos2d-JS My First Book Published Online

I have been working on this book since  last 72 hours continuously and after 4 hours of scrutiny on document formatting, I was able to publish it online.

I managed to publish over to three markets

1. Kindle :   In Live Publishing Mode <– Get it At*Version*=1&*entries*=0

2. CreateSpace : Still Under Review

3. Smashwords : Already Available.

My Book can be purchased at Smashwords, and I double support those who want to buy on Smashwords, I will be soon removing from Amazon and Createspace due to their worst royalty features.

Anybody who wants to buy my book, and want a 50% discount can signup to my newsletter to get the Discount Coupon for Smashwords.

Click on the below Image to goto the site and purchase now. Also dont forget to signup for the complete source code accompanying the book.

2014-04-13 22_42_25-Smashwords – Cocos2d-JS Mobile Game Development on Steroids —a book by Shreedhar

The game accompanying this book has been published on Google Play, and is available in two flavours.

1. With Integrated Ads – To give a demo of Integration features

TinyRun - Free - screenshot thumbnailTinyRun - Free - screenshot thumbnailTinyRun - Free - screenshot thumbnail

2. Paid – To give a clean experience to the players.

Tiny Run - screenshot thumbnailTiny Run - screenshot thumbnailTiny Run - screenshot thumbnail