New Game Ideas Around Flappy Bird

Holy Crap that there are already 400-600 Odd Game rip off of the original Flappy bird game, but dont know why I didnt happen to do the same rip of my own.However I often get ideas around the existing games like Flappy Bird, angry birds, papa pear, candy crush while I am travelling, or while sleeping of when I’m in Loo.

Take it granted that my ideas wont make it to the top nor its not the idea that nobody has thought about, but still idea is what that should keep flowing in a developers mind to keep his spirits up.
Well lots of talk, thats enough, here is the idea.

1. Fry the Flapping Bird

In this case, the birds fly at a high speed from left, and at the other end there is a face with a wide mouth. There are only two pipes, here, one from bottom that spits fire, and the other from top that spits out salt and pepper.
The player taps to fire, and put salt to the flappy bird, and taps again to open the mouth.
If the bird is black (its a crow) and the player should not fry or eat the bird.

2. Kill the Flapping Bird

In this case , the birds fly at a high speed from left and player must tap to fire an arrow or a rifle from bottom to kill them. Nearly same as Fishing daren game.