Top 10 Appreneurs to Follow to become Appreneurs

It had been almost more than a year I started developing mobile games and now I have made my presence in Windows,Apple and Google app stores.Although I may not be so successful as lot of appreneurs out there, but still the existence of a Mobile Developer inside me has been established.

Since I started developing games, I have been eagerly following each and one of the appreneurs out there and here are the best or top ten of them I really admire.

Please note the order of the people listed do not signify anything, I respect and admire all with same respect, no grades or no ranks please.

1. Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and consultant.  He is the CEO of App Empire and the co-founder of T3 Apps and Best Apps.  Mureta has led the development and marketing of over 46 apps that have been downloaded more than 35 million times worldwide. He blogs at

Its Good to look out for his appreneur training course available at his site.

2. Trey Smith

Trey Smith is the founder of Kayabit, a game company with over 10,000,000 downloads on mobile devices, Secret Headquarters, Inc, a marketing company that teaches entrepreneurs how to build their businesses and L-System records, a house music label from San Diego, CA. He blogs at

Trey recently founded, a software and training company focused on helping independent game business owners increase their reach and marketing knowledge.

Trey Smiths App System is the one and only game development machine available in the whole world that will make you an appreneur faster than a Maglev.

3. Mathews  

Mathews who blogs at is a fulltime freelancer, and runs his own HTML5 game development business fulltime since 2 years from home office and have been consistently making between $2,000 and $14,000 solely online each month, and has been a successfull game developer.He has Published a ebook that has made him the Pro of HTML5 game development in the developer world.

4.  Carter Thomas

Carter Thomas is the voice behind Bluecloud, blogging and consulting in the mobile world. He has built and sold over 900+ mobile apps (iOS, Google Play, Amazon) and has defined industry leading business models to accelerate mobile portfolio growth. He blogs at and most of his blogs are written by some experts, not himself.

5.  Maty Nenoff

Maty Nenoff is a Android game developer and a  java (swing) software developer with 15+ years of experience. The one developer with simplicity at the core of his mobile games and success as the result of his endeavors. He blogs at and its the one blog I would recommend anybody who are low at spirits.


6. Elaine Heney

Instead of me telling about her, I would rather ask people to visit her blog to know more. She is the founder of chocolatelabapps and blogs at the same. Chocolate Lab Apps was founded in 2012 when   Elaine Heney, quit her job to follow her dream of running a successful app business. Chocolate Lab Apps has published over 200 apps with over 3 million downloads, with #1#s in over 55 countries worldwide.


7. Lee Rankinen and Justin Malik.

The twin developers who develop reskinned games on IOS, and have made it big in the apple stores recently using the Casino source codes sold by Thomas carter.Well although there are not much frequent updates, its really a knowledgeable blog they run at


8. Eiswuxe.

The one Indie game developer who  has been silently developing games and was continuously publishing his success stories at the site, but due to some reasons moved to a new blog at He has developed the most addictive games like Bloo Kid that  had made more than 500k in downloads.

9. Emanuele Feronato

Emanuele Feronato a Italian Flash Game developer,  I mean seriously a PRO in Flash game development and monetization expert.Anybody who want to start a life in game development should read his blog which emphasize on game mechanics, lot of source code examples in javascript,flash and related technologies.


10. Me Ofcourse

May be a day will come when I would be like either of the above Pro’s who have made it great , so why not follow me right now to be part of my Appreneurship journey. Just signup to my newsletter and wait for the thrill approaching soon.


Well there are still a lot of appreneurs whom I follow, but since I mentioned 10, and I wanted to be the last one, I am limiting myself for this list, please bear with me this time folks.