Mobile Game Development Introspection.

When I look back nearly 18 months back when I started with mobile game development, I didnt even had any idea what it is, other than a laptop and a wornout HD2 burned with custom WP7 ROM.

I started with lot of unfound hype and committed few blunders along the way. I want to share the mistakes I committed so that anybody new to Indie game development should avoid those.

1. All Alone

I started alone with no support or no like minded people alongside me to appreciate my work, and day by day  I lost interest. But still again I used to spend lot of time in front of computer to again search for something that inspires me, and again and again I gathered some spirit to continue. This is unavoidable for a budding developer who wants to rise and shine overnight, but everyone needs some sort of moral support or mental happiness in form of friends or family in order to keep the interest running.

2. Targetting of Multiple platforms

In the initial phases of the game development itself I started to think of publishing the game to multiple platforms, that really deviated most of my work towards finding a better solution for converting the C# source code (VEERANJI was developed first in XNA for windows phone), to be runnable on IOS and Android platforms. This is a biggest mistake that a developer must never do, and keep his focus concentrated until the game is complete.

3. Thinking of too much perfection.

Always I was indulged in searching the best image/art for my game that I lost a lot of time to add the required functionality into the game, and more than that missed out on a much needed mechanism of the game itself in the process. This is most disgusting act the developer should not get into, and first focus on the game mechanism rather than the art. Anyhow, art can be replaced anytime once the game is completely working.

4. Not Marketing the Game properly.

Marketing or Promoting the developed game is most important to get noticed, but this was the one important area I missed out with my first game, as I thought once your game is in the market,  the Market will list it on the first page and people would automatically download it.

5. Crying for Failures

Just one or two games in the market does not mean success or failure.It needs several fateful attempts to get your foot in the vast game / app market in the Mobile arena, where there are millions of apps and games are present and lakhs of developers struggle to get noticed. One should not just notice the numbers and just foolishly cry just on the failure of the first/second games, and leave it in between.

6. Leaving the Task Incomplete.

Having lot  of ideas, and without any support and gathering lot of negative feelings with the failure of a game is not a good reason to stop the development of games and leave them incomplete.A developer should not leave any task incomplete unless he has no idea how to do it or he’s physically broke completely.