Rational Rose Generate Class Diagram Report

SoDA is Rational Software’s document generation tool. It provides automated document generation with the ability to integrate Rose model diagrams, requirements, code, and text in the same document. But the main problem was the dll file that is provided with the tool installation which did not support Office 2k and Xp versions those days.

As I wrote the Data Model Report generation script, this was my new script in 2004 that paved a way for me to learn and master Rational Rose scripting and to generate Architecture,Class Diagram,Sequence Diagram reports easily from within Rational Rose without the need of Rational SODA report generator tool.

' copy class diagrams into word
' copies all the class diagrams into MsWord
' hierarchical order with their names.
' You'll probably need to
' change the template and output filenames.
' Author Shreedhara C.A.

Const namePrefix = "Design View::"
Const toolName = "CopyDiagrams"
Const TemplateFileName ="\Normal.dot"
'Const TOSaveFileName ="D:\RoseDocs\RoseDiags.doc"

Sub CopyDiagram(wordApp As Object, diagram As Diagram)

Dim theClassDiagram As ClassDiagram
Dim theSeqDiagram As ScenarioDiagram
Dim theClasses As ClassCollection
Dim theColumns As ClassCollection

Dim theClass As Class
Dim theSubClass As Class
Dim AllScenarioDiagrams As ScenarioDiagramCollection
Dim AllObjectInstances As ObjectInstanceCollection
Dim AllClassDiagrams As ClassDiagramCollection
Dim theObjectInstance As ObjectInstance

WordApp.FormatStyle "Heading 3"
wordApp.Insert diagram.Name

If diagram.CanTypeCast(theClassDiagram) Then
Set theClassDiagram = diagram.TypeCast (theClassDiagram)
Set theClasses = theClassDiagram.GetClasses ()

If(theClassDiagram.IsDataModelingDiagram) Then

WordApp.FormatStyle "Heading 3"
wordApp.Insert "TABLES INVLOVED"

End If
'Cycle through all the classes in a Class diagram
For j=1 To theClasses.Count
Set theClass = theClasses.GetAt(j)

'WordApp.FormatStyle "Heading 3"
WordApp.Italic 1
wordApp.Insert " ClassName: " + theClass.Name + " "
WordApp.Italic 0
WordApp.FormatStyle "Normal + Left: 0.5''"
wordApp.Insert theClass.Documentation

Next j
End If

If diagram.CanTypeCast(theSeqDiagram) Then
Set theSeqDiagram = diagram.TypeCast (theSeqDiagram)
Set AllObjectInstances = theSeqDiagram.GetObjects
'Cycle through all the classes in a Class diagram

For j=1 To AllObjectInstances.Count
Set theObjectInstance = AllObjectInstances.GetAt(j)
WordApp.FormatStyle "Body Text"
wordApp.Insert theObjectInstance.ClassName
wordApp.Insert theObjectInstance.Documentation
Next j

End If

End Sub

Sub Main
Dim wordApp As Object
Dim colDiagrams As DiagramCollection
Dim theModel As Model
Set wordApp = CreateObject ("Word.Basic")
Set theModel = RoseApp.CurrentModel
Set colDiagrams = theModel.GetSelectedDiagrams ()
Dim filename As String

If colDiagrams.count=0 Then
MSGBOX "Please Select a Diagram to Copy"
Exit Sub

filename = SaveFileName$("Save File name","*.doc:*.doc")
wordApp.FileNew TemplateFileName

For i=1 To colDiagrams.Count
Set theDiagram = colDiagrams.GetAt (i)

CopyDiagram wordApp,colDiagrams.GetAt (i)
Next i


wordApp.FileSaveAs filename


MSGBOX "File Saved",0,"CopyDiag2Word v1.0 by Shreedhara",TRUE,0


End If
End Sub