Multiplatform Game Engines and sdk for Mobile Game Development

1. Edgelib : 2D and 3D middleware game engine, support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Mac, Linux, etc.-platform game development. Free.


2. Emo: mobile gaming framework that leverages the Squirrel scripting language, based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL / OpenSL iOS and Android game development.Open source, free of charge. 

3. Unreal Development Ki t: is the world’s most renowned authority broadest top game engine.Support for iOS and Android. Free version of Unreal Engine 3, does not contain the source code  . 

4. JMonkey Engine : a free open-source Java OpenGL-based engine, a scene graph-based, high-performance graphics API, the Java language is a graphics rendering engine. By using an abstraction layer that supports arbitrary mapping system. Java programming language and can be used to import any OpenGL 2 compatible devices. 

5. ShiVa3D : known as the most significant cross-platform mobile game engine, is a 3D game engine and development kit that supports iOS, Android, WP and blackberry.  

6. libgdx : free Android, HTML5 and Java 3D/2D game development framework written only once they can be adapted to multiple platforms.  


7. Papaya Social Game Engine : 2D game engine, to help ease mobile development mobile social games, support for iOS and Android. It also provides in-game purchase system to help you achieve the monetization of the game. 


8. MoSync : HTML5/JavaScript lightweight tool for mobile phone development iOS, Android and Windows Phone local mobile App. MoSync mobile developers streamline library calls through a local device API, mobile development App can use the local UI controls. When doing development for Android devices, MoSync can create Dalvik bytecode can also use Java-Native interface and work directly in NDK C + + level. 
9. NME : free open source framework that can be used in mobile phone development Android, iOS, Blackberry and WindowsPhone App, no C or C + + development skills.  

10. SIO2 : OpenGLES based cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine that supports iOS and Android, using the C and C + + language. The official online tutorial, you can go to for reference.  


11. Corona SDK : famous cross-platform game development tool that supports iOS, Android, is said to have 150,000 developers to use this tool. Many iOS developers reflect this tool useful, but according to Android developers say that the tools are not particularly liking them.  

12. Marmalade : using C / C + + cross-platform development of native games and App, can be adapted to the desktop and mobile client, support for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, can be recycled code, compatible with PhoneGap API. 


13. BattryTech : a game development framework for the Android and iPhone platforms can write native C + + code. Engine is based on Lua 5.1 language, so you only need to know a little Lua language, the engine free of charge.  


14. App Game Kit : cross-platform game development tool, BASIC scripting language, support for Blackberry, Android, iOS platform.    

15. Antiryad Gx : cross-platform multi-core 3D and 2D game engine, support for C, C + + and Gel language, using iOS, Windows and Android platform.  


16. Unity   Mobile: Mobile developers game developers are not unfamiliar, this is a very good game engine, the mobile version of the famous 3D Unity engine