Mobile Game Development Primer

Until recently I have been busy thinking, developing,waiting what not just for that one game that took more than a month for Apple to approve.And finally its approved ‘Fly2America’.

I usually get lots of Ideas, to write a book on game development on mobile, games,applications,marketing when I’m travelling in the bus to my office, but by the time I reach home everything goes into trashbin, as I my mood swings due to various factors.

Recently I conducted a Mobile game developer challenge inside my official network inside my office and the response was sober, with 48 participants registering and out of that only two turned out with resultant game on android.

Mobile Game Develpment is not for all as now I have understood, simple is because one need to have artistic thoughts,enough time to work on that and enough money to spend for resources, either buying online or outsourcing on odesk or elance.

I started with a small game for windows phone, and published 3 games on WIndows phone, but economically no value came from them. Till one of my game is making a cent a day on smaato ad network,totalling around $16 till now.

Another of m Windows 8 Store game VeerAnji, too did not succeed, as my marketing efforts were just in my friends circle, and too limited.

Then came the IOS game AlphaSlots which I published by learning objective C from scratch and it made around $8 in just 2 days and then stopped.

Only then this new game was under development, and i have now published this game awaiting to see the results, Hope I will make something and start a parallel source alongside my regular.

Go and purchase the game at Itunes search for Fly2America and buy it at just $1.99, you can also upgrade the plane from plane to glider.