Developing Games for Multiple Platforms

As soon my game was published to Windows Phone Marketplace, my idea was to release the same game to Android and iphone. SO Immediately I picked up my keyboard to search for tools that help me to convert the fresh XNA piece of code to Android compatible code (Leaving aside iPhone as I dont have a Mac).

My Observations with respect to the tools available went on and on to find that its not only difficult to have a single code base for multiple platforms, but nearly impossible. I Tried out several tools like GameMaker studio, GameSalad, Corona SDK, Scirra COnstruct 2, HTML5 using directCanvas (appMobi), Appmobi HTML5 XDK . Also to add I didnt look into Haxenme,Flash,AIR or native java coding as I’m not good or least friendly with them in game programming. I have noted down few of my observations here to help others.

1. GameMaker Studio.

YoyoGame studios has developed a best tool to develop games for all platforms,but it did not suit my needs as the game editor itself was a tiled editor, where as my game I wanted irregular sized images that I wanted to drag and drop and add events and actions.

2. GameSalad

Gamesalad tool is just a tool to design game, but cannot build anything as everything related to building game rests on their server. and so is the Stencyl.(no Android support yet).

3. Corona SDK.

Corona too is just a bunch of sdk and emulator, but the rest rests on their server, which I cannot use unless I pay them.This is a really no go for me for my first game spending 300 odd bucks.

4. Appmobi Game XDK.

Its really cumbersome to start with XDK as I have to again purchase ImpactJS and learn the javascript game programming from scratch, yuck.Well I know a bit of javascript and ajax in game programming, but thats too much.

5. Scirra Construct2.

Now comes the everyones’ gem, well to say that it produces excellent results, is far from truth, but it is the friend in need. I started with Scirra COnstruct2 and was able to produce I mean reporiduce my game entirley or I mean recode it in just 3 days. I had taken more than 3 months to develop my XNA game lazily, but now it only took me 3 days to complete my entire game.

So How did I go about in publishing the HTML5 result produced by Scirra COnstruct-2 to Android Market, that I will add in my next post.