My First Windows Phone Game Online

For more than 3-4 months I have been working randomly on a game that includes my favorite character ‘Hanuman’ ( The Mythological Superman from Indian Mythology Ramayan). There were lot of hiccups in between due to various reasons, and one main reason was my worklife pressure.

When I started developing this game, I didnt knew the concept of XNA or even How to program a game,and after coming across various tutorials online at channel9 on msdn, I made myself free to learn XNA.

VEER ANJI – is the small game that depicts the travel adventure of Hanuman, where he has to travel across forests,mountains,deserts catching fruits, killing demons, acquiring new skills and weapons.

One source of help was my wife who helped me in designing the vectors and animations and backgrounds for the game, but still the game is not yet complete with all features, and a minimal version is published online now for first impression and experience.

The current version only contains

1. Hanuman flying and catching fruits.

2. Demons dashing , making Hanuman lose Power

The upcoming version includes

1. Hanuman acquiring new weapons., increasing levels,

2. Demons can be killed, with effects.

3, and more to add, still thinking.