Creating Shaded Images For Blog Posts in Photoshop Like

Michael Dunlop from Incomediary has a unique way of displaying posts,images and banners and kudos for his talent and skills. I too was searching for a way to do that and found out by myself that its very easy in Photoshop to create a black shaded bordered image to be added to a post as Michael does.

To Start with All images have to have some unique features that makes content attractive.

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  1. Image should be of size 640 X 320 pixels
  2. The main background colour of the image should be white or atleast 65% white.
  3. Image should have the same name as the title of the post or one of the tags to make it SEO friendly.

Ok Now we have decided what to be done, now we will start how do we create the images.

To begin with I take homepage screenshot (I could have taken mine, but its black all over the place) to start with.

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1. To Capture any Image use “Prt Scr” Button on the right hand side of you keyboard and then open “Paint” fro your Multimedia Accessories menu and say “ctrl-V’ to paste the image.


2. Ok Now we have the image, lets fire up Photoshop for our next step.Just fireup your photoshop and create a image of size 640 X 320 pixels

I Name my preset to Incomediary for ease of access so that I can use the same when I create other images of same sizes.


3.   Now Double-click on the first layer ‘background’ that appears in the right hand side, bottom most pane, to unlock it.Select “Layer 0” that appears in the pop-up and click OK.

4. Once it gets Unlocked,  Hit “M” button on your keyboard and draw a rectangular box (Marquee) on the white layer as shown in the image below.

5.  Now hold down ‘Shift” and “Ctrl” buttons and tap on your “I” button on the keyboard. This will select the inverse of the selection marquee you made in your previous step.

6. Now in the Right hand side bottm pane click on the ‘Create new Layer” button ( Second Button that resembles a Folded Paper at the bottom of layers pane).

This will create a layer called “Layer 1” above the existing background layer.

7.  Now select the Brush Tool (Or Hit ‘B’ Button on your keyboard to select the brush tool).  And click anywhere on the image once. This will create a shaded image as shown below.


Well now its very much done, as you have your container template for your images.

Now, you can paste any image in between the layer 1 and layer 0 and tilt it around  -1.2 to -2.o degrees and you have your Post image ready to be uploaded.

Here is my creation after adding the image between the layers 0 and 1 and tilting the image by -1.8 degrees.


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Download PSD