Back to Adwords : A Case Study

Although I joined DirectCPV with a huge sum of $350, I could only see lot of wasted traffic coming to my PPV campaigns. So I switched back to Adwords since I had left it in my learning phase itself. But this time I had to plan beforehand so that I can atleast gather some email leads for my campaign.

So I scraped a good looking offer landing and modified it to my requirements.I used “Offline Explorer” to scrap the leading page lander page, and images.Since this is an experiment in progress I did not heed much into the graphics or content.But I only focussed on making it perfect lander so that Google accepts it.

I pulled up my aweber code and added it to my lander.

The only thing to notice when making a google Landing page is, credibility.

Google Accepts if the landing page has the below properties.So Make Sure the landing page follows these items without failure.

[ordered_list style=”lower-roman”]

  1. A Privacy Policy Page
  2. A Terms Page
  3. Either of Reviews, Email Capture or A Video which makes the Visitor stay for atleast 5-10 seconds on that page.
  4. Does not Directly redirect to offer landing page
  5. Do Not Iframe offers
  6. Do not add meta refresh or php redirect to offers.


Coming to My case study, Since this was my first Campaign with an Email Lead capture, I wanted to capture valid leads without failures and make the Quality score of my landing page as high as possible to attract the visitors.So I added that extra border around the signup form as in the above screenshot.

Now logged into my Adwords account and searched for the keywords related to ‘grocery coupons’ and downloaded around 800 keywords (including broad,exact and phrase) and added to my campaign.

Just adding the url was enough to trigger approval status for my ad url. I got my destination URL immediately approved.After running it for 4 days, there had been around 6k impressions and 73 clicks on the budget  I have set and at a cost of around $180, I made 11 leads worth $1.3 each. I dont speak of loss or gain here as it paved way to gathering 28 email leads for my next email campaign.

Who says Grocery Coupons and Email Submits wont work?? I say it works, but you have to burn your pocket to do that.Still one more campaign is under progress on my adwords campaigns list and its still not triggered any traffic for the keywords I have selected. This time I added around 1500 keywords , let me see that where it takes the campaign.

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