Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Myths

Why Do Affiliate Marketers Lie ?

We come across many affiliate marketers around internet who mention that ‘X’ offer is saturated, ‘Y’ Marketing will be sandboxed by google blah blah blah.But there is an additional parameter to the statements made by those marketers, that is ‘Affiliate Mind Control’.Yes one can control the hidden part of the brain by making negative statements on the interest shown by the subject.Sorry I’m not a doctor, but its the theory.

Myth 1 : WhiteHat marketing and Black Hat Marketing are different.

There is nothing specific marketing methods available to promote any offer or product.In my views, all marketing methods are unique in their own way and nothing is white or black.Normally people having lot of money n their pockets, and don’t have time or knowledge to sit for long hours doing link building,content creating or profile creating will employ or outsource the tasks to somebody.This they call it as Whitehat.But people having resources in hand,but not enough money to spend on tools or outsourcing definitely are gonna use some automation tools to achieve the same results.Since the tools perform faster than the outsourced person, its both called blackhat and illegal, which is rubbish.

Myth 2 : Content is King.

This statement never amuses me, since I have never written a single article in my life other than blogging here.Well to say the truth, not everybody on internet will look for boring content which they read in daily newspapers,books and magazines, rather they always look for short and sweet information that will satisfy what they have come to the site for.So never ever think Content is King that too articles.I agree everything on a page is a content, but here I’m referring to ‘articles’ which everybody says ‘Create content so that the visitor spends time on your site more’.

Myth 3 : Finding Niche of ones Interest.

This is one bullshit statement where every Affiliate marketing Guru says ‘First find what you are Interested in’ and ‘Then try building siate around it’.What are you saying, do I need to do a self introspection for making money??.If that were the case I would rather go to school, and get a nice job, work for 12 hrs a day and get Monthly salary.The main reason for a person to go for Affiliate Marketing is to build a parallel income stream.So what you need to do to find a niche. I simply say go to ‘’ and find what are the recent purchased items, and then build your Niche Site around it.So called all Guru products that search Niche do the same thing.

Myth 4 : X Market is Saturated with Million Of Sites in that Niche.

Who says so, for example there are millions of sites that allow you to watch Movie online.If I think that Watch Online Movies Niche is saturated then its just a block to my thoughts.The simple information what everybody is unaware of is, this world is full of human beings who surf Internet.This count increases everyday every second.New humans are born and old people die, this is the Human Life Cycle.So until there are human life cycle on this earth none of the markets are saturated.