SEO Optimization Update on my CPA blog

Well, it had already been a month since I looked into my other blog which I had started experimenting SEO methods to drive traffic.Although its very much a success, only there has been a single lead to the offer I was promoting. The steps I took to promote were very simple but tricky.

1. I wrote 1 Article and Spun it 10 times using a Spinner.

2. Created accounts in well know Article Directories and blogs around the internet (like EzineArticles and

3. Posted my Articles with 2 links to my site in the body and 1 link in the author sections.

4. Added the feeds of the content site to the feed submit sites.

5.  Created a yahoo Pipe that gathers the news about the Keyword in interest and burnt it to feedburner and socialized it.

6. Loaded my keywords to SEO Rank Tracer in my blog and set it on daily update  (Plugin Modified to run daily).

Voila, now my blog was so ready that I can just sit back and watch the progress on the keywords for which I had spun and distributed the articles for.

I actually set up the “blog that not be named” on March-7th and here’re the updates on the SEO Rank or the SERP for the keywords I setup.

Well the rankings have been jumping sky and earth recently due to no posts.And I have planned that i would post some posts daily from now on to observe how it moves on.