Building Movie Sites : Inside Out Part 2

In My last post I had mentioned about few plugins and scripts that do the task of building a Movie site for you, which I’m going to take a bit further in this post. As a matter of fact I purchased the two scripts to test them out, one being StreamWP (v1.4) and Kontentrevolution which is a BHWorld users custom service that provides Movie post creation.

To tell you frankly both of them along with the other scripts failed to satisfy me as a proper wordpress movie site creation script.

Anyone looking to build a Movie site would need to definitely look into the site to properly say that its the Movie Site.Else all others are rubbish i my opinion. The primary needs of a Movie site build is

1. Load Multiple Titles

2. Post Movies on Schedule

3. Allow Different types of Movie display (Embed Movies, External Link to Movies, Popup Lightbox player).

4. Allow usage of Custom Gateways on different pages (on Movie Player, On Movie Summary Page, On Bonus Video page)..etc.

5. Add Movie Gallery to the Post (Cast,Crew,props).

6. Add Ratings from IMDB.

Taking all of this into consideration I added a small review of the script I purchased and tested, which are as below.


StreamWP MovieAutomator KontentRevolution
Add Movie IMDB- Name IMDB- Name IMDB Title (ttxxxxxxx) Auto
Load Count Single Single Multiple Auto
Scheduler No No YES Auto
Details Only Summary Only Summary Only Summary With Details
Genre (Category) Select Yes YES Manual No (only 2)
Movie Embed YES YES NO NO (link to creators page)
Movie Link NO NO NO Fixed to Creators site link with blogid
Custom Content Gateway YES (can add) YES (Can add) No Only at user KR
Runs without script No YES YES Zero Leads as user is removed at KR.
Additional Profit to Creator No No No YES with banner ads on movie player page
Cost $90 One time $47 One time $147 One time $75 recurring

Well you got the hang of the movie building scripts out there waiting to scam you with their minimal featured products, right!

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