Building Movie Sites : Inside Out Part 1

While its become a trend for the lazy affiliates to build hunderds of automatically updated movie sites, by deploying the incentive affiliate networks gateway codes.But what we dont find is the secret behind auto updateable sites that automatically gets latest movies and shows added to their blogs.
Although CPALead,Blamads and adscendmedia provides gateways to add to the networked blogs such as movies,games,music,forums,downloads and warez sites, they do not provide how-to knowledge for any of their affiliates to build them
The hard truth is there is no such readily available automation tool that one can just deploy it and forget. But its possible though. I have been researching on the plugins and scripts available in the market such as tvstreamscript a standalone script that creates a movie site, and few wordpress related plugins such as streamwp,wp_movie_automator, and Movie Automator, none of them actually are upto the point when it comes to automating the tasks.

While StreamWP and IMDB Movie Automator are the worst ones there trying to connect to their own sites to fetch data to update, they do not provide proper support and the script seems to be ioncoded.StreamWP tries to connect to their website and fetch data and its more similar to tvstreamscript in creating, grabing and posting Movie and TV shows.I think he copied the functionality. Where as IMDB Movie Automator also does the same thing but its not encoded, also connect to their own site to fetch the movie details and images.

Coming to TVStreamScript , its an readily built script with minimum themes that does not provide any automation tools readily working, but claim to do so.Also Movie automator, that is an external tool to WordPress that requires imdb title url list to load the data.

The most important thing is the Video Part of the site that only StreamWP satisfies, by loading links from sites like movieshare,…. and 3-4 more.

With all these multiple scripts, one will definitely be confused how to build the Movie Site properly by using IMDB data directly and adding proper watchOnline type links and add CPALead/BlamAds Gateways.

What most of the people dont know here is, we cannot use google always to find whatever we want on internet.There is Yahoo that surpasses google in the Internals of Internet. See for yourself what yahoo provides, Pipes – The ultimate tool for rss aggregators, Webservices for news collectors and auto bloggers.

I think you got the hint where I’m coming to now, well wait for my next post Building Movie Sites : Inside Out Part 2 or Subscribe to my newsletters.