Peerfly Top Offers Widget for Affiliates

Its cool,wow!. What Am I exaggerating at, am I gone mad? No guys, I was experimenting with some of the php libraries out there available and suddenly my affiliate account at peerfly came into picture.
@ Those Who dont know Peerfly is a well established affiliate network that offers publishers and advertisers a unique platform to share wealth and make wealth virtually.Thats it I dont wanna go further deep into that.

OK, Coming to the point, I made a Widget, that’s it. Then what it means to me or anybody who is in the IM.Well Peerfly offers multiple feed hooks in the rss format so that the publishers can access their deals and the prforming offers along with their account updates.
What most beneficial is the ‘Top Performing offers’ that peerfly provides is chosen by the great team from peerfly who look into their network daily and list them based on their EPC and Conversion Rates throughout the network. The list also gives the hint that most of the networks affilates are promoting them haywire.

The widget in discussion ‘Peerfly Toppers’ fetches the peerfly network’s top performing offers and lists them as part of sidebar along with a thumbnail available as part of the offer content. There is a little configuration required by the wordpress user, that is drag and drop the widget from the widget configuration area and configuring the numerical affiliate id from Peerfly in to the Topper widget in the dashboard.

To be noted that one must enter the number in their Peerfly ID. (If Peerfly ID is PF93930, then enter 93930 as the value in the field)

Once the configuration in the dashboard area is complete, that’s it the job done, go to the frontend and refresh the page,  pizza tops!!!.

Both the scripts I discussed, the eralier CouponFeedr and this Peerfly Topper widgets are demoed on my working gift coupons site