Lazy Man’s Facebook CTR Tuning

First of all to be clear , I’m running an offer from Peerfly on Facebook ads at low budget, and second I’ve not enough time to keep on monitoring my account since I cannot access my facebook ads account during my office hours which normally starts from morning 7:30 and extends till night 9:30.This including my travel timings to office (it takes me 90 Min to travel to office, hehehe ).

Well coming to the point I mainly chose this offer due to its non-saturation and never ending customer point of view and also there are lot of young people who will be eager to opt for such offer. (Sorry I will not disclose the offer though).

The first ad I created got me around $22.5 at a spend of $39, where I had kept my CPC to be high around $1.6 when the ad was started and slowly reduced to around $0.65 with which totally I got around 30 unique clicks and out of which I got a few leads.

But I was dragged away from my ads due to the warning mail I got from my google adwords account, even I had not put any ads on it.So I put a new facebook ad with a different image and a different CPC limit this time, so that I dont need to manage it along with Jordan‘s idea by adding more demography and age filters.

This time I did one thing in particular is to put my CPC limits below normal. One thing to note is If you put below normal CPC limits, you will get clicks but at very small rate, may be at 5-10 clicks a day or two.But one thing is advantageous here is really you can observe how the trend is throughout the week for your ad. Now keeping my options open to scale up my decimal-ad-strategy, I’m looking forward how the ad behaves, already out of total 4 clicks the ad received one click has converted.