The Next Plugin Project – CouponFeedr

Though there is couponpress available, it costs me $79 atleast to even think of it, but taking the available deal datafeed available from Shareasale network, I cannot think of loading it anyway since there is no admin demo available from the theme developer.

Also there are 2-3 other scripts out there available on blackhat forums that one can download and setup as couponsite. But my problem is like every other non developers who just want to setup their site without going through hassles of so much configuration. I do always like set and forget or run once type of plugins rather than going through cumbersome  process of setting up of a theme for 2-4 hours and then setting up a datafeed plugin for 2-4 hours.

So it came to my mind that I should develop a WordPress coupon feeder script that loads data from shareasale deal database directly into wordpress. Although at present it loads all 4300 items in the deal database directly into the wordpress, there is some testing need to be done.

Actually to say this is not a Plugin, but an external script that needs to be put in a folder in the wordpress installation and run by calling the php via URL.

Usage Details :

1. Create a folder “RUN” under your default wordpress directory.

2. Extract the contents of the zip file in to the folder created

3. Open index2.php and change the dealdatabase2.xml file url to shareasale dealdatabase2.xml url

4. Change the shareasale affiliate id to your affiliate id.

save and run the file by typing

Leave it.

Note : If you want to delete the posts created by this script, download WordPress Bulk delete Plugin, and delete all posts under the category ‘Deals & Coupons’.

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