Affiliate Shopsite Script Shop-N-Jammie

Long back in early 2010 I had been working on a data-feed shopsite script called Shop-N-Jammie. I had mentioned in my datafeed plugin blog about the same several times too.But the reason was so childish that I had to stop developing or making the script downloadable to the Internet community.

As a matter of fact the guys at JCE-Tech have a script called Affiliate  Master using which anybody can create a affiliate shopsite in minutes with any type of datafeed.Let it be either of csv, piped, tab, or space  seperated files in the data, the scrit can load any type of data from the feed.

As per the site it says ” Affiliate Master allows you to define your own custom menus to provide a unique online experience for your visitors. News management allows you to publish content rich articles to attract new and return visitors. Reciprocal link management is included to help build your site’s presence with other related sites. Also included is an advanced Search Engine Optimization feature that can transform your URL’s to search engine friendly URLs.”

But the only thing that was bothering me was the script was available at a price and given the reason I did not want to move away from wordpress, I developed the script so that the data loaded through the demo script is available in the wordpress and by using a simple shortcode, integrated into the wordpress blog.

After a thought process, I have realized that I’m doing nothing wrong in distributing the script as its my own creation, and I have not breached any license.