Experiment For SEO on Niche Blogs

The household term in any niche blog marketing terminology is SEO. Along with SEO there occurs so many individual related terms such as SERP, Page Rank, Keyword density, Back-links, In-links, Out-links , Deep-links whatever one may term rapidly related to SEO.

The trend of building websites with SEO has caught the eyes of the veteran webmasters who have been busy promoting their products,working on performance networks and doing per click ad purchases. Its household talk that you need to worry about duplicate content whatever the blog you want to do SEO on, and keeping the PR aside, normally the first task every webmaster does is to submit it into thousands of web directories, to make the search engines recognize the site as existing.
Another experiment everyone do is to submit as many unique articles or rather spun PLR articles to the article directory in order to gain rapid back links to the niche blog setup. Anyhow in case you rely on only one method to get backlink to your site it is cumbersome to get ranked. As I have mentioned earlier it is necessary that you implement a combination of methods to get ranked. It might also be an appealing thing to handle some experiments about the Google Sandbox.

In order to learn I have been utilizing some of my personal sites (example affiliate marketing article) to make some experiments with all the unique and special techniques that exist. I’ve executed various tests and one of these is to find out whether duplicate content does harness the SEO . But one already knows that Google tends to ban duplicate content but there are some individuals who debate that this isn’t always true.