Using PCMCIA card with Latest Laptops

All though its not observed, many laptops that are released now-a-days come without a pcmcia card slot (Express card). Earlier in 2005, all laptops used to come with a slot at left/right wide enough to insert your all 4 fingers .i.e PCMCIA card slot. LOL that not much of the current configuration laptops come with those.

When I used to have Asus A6KM laptop (Turion) recently which went to heaven, I had purchased a Vodafone 3G data card to use it whenever I go to UK, and it came in handy with the Three-network 3G services both in Leeds and Hinckley.But Since I came back from UK , I never had chance to use it since there is no 3G in india, and also my laptop slowly went out of juice.

I had bought this kid at around 30gbp on ebay to use it with my asus lappy, but since I got my new lappy from singapore which is a Core-i5 52oM LG with 4GB ram and Win7 Premium Home and also nvidia 320M or something like that with 500GB hdd, I had decided that I would sell off this 3G datacard since I dont have a choice to use it with this laptop.

I was surfing through ebay to sell off this card or to purchase an old laptop to use it, and meanwhile I came across an adaptor that could be used to convert this card to a nice USB child.

Now I think I dont need to sell off this card at cheap rates of 300-400 rs which is a waste of my earlier investment, and also I dont need to purchase a new (old config – seconds) laptop which is too high investment.Just I plan to buy this kid on net at just 700-800Rs and make a go with my existing card.