A Short Life in Kolkata

After 4 months ,I suddenly regained my senses about my blog. In these 120 days I never looked back at my affiliate marketing tasks, ideas,websites,domains and all are rusting in their places now.Due to some commitments, I had to stop them in between which made me lose my ideas and thoughts about those sites as well.

Now since I reached Kolkata for a 14 week deputation from my company, I got some saved time to spend on them again.Still not sure how I’m gonna restart with zero mind and also the situation of my life in kolkata.

I happened to stay in one of the TQ booked by the traveldesk, which actually was a serviced apartment having 12 rooms altogether.The cooks and workers there were really co-operative and we could get hot food at whatever time we reached the TQ from office.The TQ was really nice less the cleanliness of the workers, which was not so important after all. I really recommend that guesthouse to anybody who visits kolkata. Its located in Salt lake ,CE Block, just behind 

Arunachal bhavan.Its called Pronoti Guest house.And speaking of the workers there, there was one nice guy who used to cook in the house, and he was so nice that one day when we reached home at 11:30 in the night, he prepared hot rice and dal and roti for 4 of us.The guys always had a smile on their face and we used to tease him that he’s the younger brother of rajanikanth.

Given the situation of guest house, we  had thought earlier that the office environment, the food in the canteen there, varieties available around would be far better than the one was allotted to use, but for our dismay we found that the case itself was reversed.

Around the Building (B.I.P building – Omega building) we reported to work , there were nearly hundreds of roadside food stalls that are slippery around. I dont deny that sometime we need to go there as we can find some shops that are  good (having dishes like idly,vada,sambar although not clean).The canteen in this bulding is really  pathetic and I once puked due the quality of rice.

Atlast after 16 days of living in the guest house we were transferred to the Tata TQ, which is located at CL-125 in salt lake.We thought its the best, as it was looking like the interiors were like a 5 star hotel and all service men were wearing uniforms. There are about 3-6 men in the TQ who serve to the needs of the people who visit, and its heard that even Ajoy Mukherjee, the vice president of our unit also visits there often,Its an honour to be there in the TQ.

Well the happiness in that TQ was not for long, when I found that the beds in the TQ are ridden by bedbugs, and the beds are not maintained properly by the service men.Given the fact that every 3-4 days new guests stay in the rooms, they change it when the guest leaves the room, but the window sheets, and bed sheets are not given for proper washing. And also just for a glance of the bed in its real uncovered state, here one can see the exact state in which the items are.

I thought over all this and regained my senses that it would be right time I come back to my earlier interests and restart my personal work on my AIM.