Peerfly Offer Feeds goes live

May be I’m bit lazy to look at or am bit late, but really was happy to see that the offers from peerfly will be available as rss feeds from within the network for anybody who want to know what offers are available at the network, and also what offers are running popular.

There are several type of feeds available at the network dashboard for the users.

For the feeds that require authentication, one can use the Authentication key generator to generate. To initialize authentication on a feed,  one need to simply append the feed URL with the parameters ?auth=key.

Also the feed provides hell lot of items in the data ,one can really take his affiliate marketing skills to next level if he’s a programmer.But provided the skillset required, you need basic php programming skills and how to fetch and use the xml feeds of an rss feed data.

If one want to checkout the network really, then it is better to join the peerfly network than listening to people who simply blabber about like me without literally doing any affiliate marketing work.

Peerfly has been improving day by day and I think, the response and interface definitely gives them an edge over any directtrack or afiliatepro software networks which simply without spending on innovative ideas sit on some junk old software.