Datafeedr that’s why I like QWIKFRONT

I had been so lazy that i could not work anymore on my plug-in site as well as plug-in hosted on my other site I’m speaking about the old guy Speedfeedr. hence I gave up on developing since I could not find enough time on developing that and resorted to buying the datafeedr to plug into my other site under progress. it was going smooth when I suddenly changed my mind to switch the niche due to some reasons on the other site.I came to my datafeedr membership area and started selecting my niche marketing merchants from the Merchants list, and everything went smooth until I clicked on the view shop button.

coming to the link something fishy was waiting for me to show up and that was

Shop statistics

Total 0 products in shop

To select about 8-10 merchants and find that there is no data with datafeedr is really fishy, and I don’t think there is any need for me to hook up with datafeedr rising tickets or rising issues with them since its their issue unnoticed.And I am not here to point out their mistakes for my benefit, let them reply If they are really into business.Now what I’m gonna do ? well there exists another plugin unreleased of mine waiting to be launched, and its QWIKFRONT, still not released to the public,and I was waiting to use it on one of my site, and I think the right time has come now.