Making Profit with SiteFlipping

It was only a matter of time before someone brought the fine art of real estate flipping to the online world. In truth, website flipping or domain flipping has been going on since the early days of the highly commercial internet. By the time your average Joe Blow could pick up a website at your friendly neighborhood domain registrar, there were already quite a few experienced domain flippers.
Back then all it took to flip a domain was a good idea, a solid domain name, and little elbow grease. It’s still relatively easy to pocket serious dough on flips, but honestly it does take a bit more work than it did in the glory days. Fortunately…the people at KFP know where you can get an Ace in your pocket to speed along your education, so you can start pocketing BIG money a lot faster.
The idea of website flipping is relatively straight-forward. Either take an existing website, and improve it for resale, or build an entirely new website from scratch, and sell that. The practical methods used to improve properties are numerous. Here are a few quick improvement mechanisms:
• Graphic Design – Crappy looking original site design? Spruce it up with some modern era stunning visual elements.
• Articles – Poor quality original written content? Outsource, or write yourself if you’re skilled. The last thing you want on your site is poor written content.
• Monetization – It happens all the time. People get an idea, and they go right to implementation paying no attention to the question of how they’re going to make the money. The wrong monetization vehicle, and a website can be hurt really bad. So – fix it. Match up the monetization method with the demographics of the target audience.
It doesn’t matter which specific improvements you make to a property as long as they increase its perceived or actual value. Some improvements lead to measurable benefits. These include SEO, web analytics, and traffic/revenue increases. These tend to improve the ACTUAL value of a website – although that is kind of hard to define.
Look forward to part 2 of Site Flipping Revolution tomorrow where we’ll discuss the landscape of site flipping, but if you want the early edge in learning and mastering this material, I highly recommend signing up for  Killer Flipping Secrets now, to check it for yourself.