My Wedding site :

Although I had putup my wedding site with its custom domain name long back , say a month ago, It never came to my mind that I need to blog about it since I was a bit busy with so many things at hand. I actually planned to setup my own wedding website long time ago and it never happened since I could not find a better script or better theme to go with. I sincerely dislike the option of using any dating script for my website since they just are a too much of a requirement.
I actually bought the Baltic wedding invitation theme at themeforest at $14, and started designing my wedding site with it, but the luv for wordpress again started budding inside and changed it to wordpress.
My fiance Sowmya was bit busy with her schedule at office and could not update the site in-time, and in order to get the things going, I chose the ready site at myweddingsite with the most loving rosy theme which she liked most.
The thought of designing a website for anything is not new to me but it was definitely new to my fiance.Hence I made-up my mind that I will make the things easy for her and asked her to just mail me the details what she wants to put on the website and I updated everything as per her inputs.
And it was the nice day of 01st June that i announced my wedding site to my friends through facebook,orkut and with a nice Save your date template mail from the myweddingsite collection itself.
Now the site is up and most of my friends and relatives have signed the guestbook.I’m just waiting for the d-day to approach for a bashing celebration.
I welcome you all to my wedding on Ist July-2010 at mahaveer bhavan tumkur railway station road. cyathere.