First Impression on Google CPA

As a matter of fact there is nothing as good as free in this world and I like softwares and services that are free, but I never stop looking for good offers and oppurtunities too since I am not scared to spend money either. I am going to jot down my experience in CPA marketing first time ever on google ppc ads.
It was my goal for this year that I have to setup a campaign on google ppc and run a campaign and the goal is complete now. I will not say I’m successful since I know that I did not chose the best offer to promote.In hasty and in hurry I picked up a email submit offer with an email creative, copied the html from the email template and pasted into an html page.
Uploaded the page on to my domain and created 4 different ads with 20 keywords.
First and foremost thing was the Quality score of my ads were so poor that for 5000+ impressions there were only 5 clicks and out of the 4 ads that served only one made 4 clicks and another 1 click and the other 2 simply wasted all the impressions.
I am new to this and I wanted to study the reason why it happened like this and found out that,

1. My keywords are the rarest and finest that nobody searched for 🙂
2. The ad page was same for all ads but the wordings lacked the kicking keyword.
3. There was nothing good in the ad to attract the customer.

And I had to spend $0.75 for 5 clicks for this junk clicks though, but its a good start.