Reopened :Qwikfront ON

My plugin development was on halt for long time with the idea of moving my site to new hosting, but that inturn stopped my development work on the two plugins Qwikfront and shop-n-jammie.Although with fear of breach of license I stopped working on shop-n-jammie completely,Qwikfront was really a good learning for me.I somehow managed to move my site to my home hosting, where I have hosted this blog.The hosting Justhost is really good with zero godown and fast servers.Although bandwidth is not an issue for me since I’m not so famous after all, it seems that I have reached my final hosting selection.
Now again coming back to Am square one its time to continue my journey with AM.
I have planned that Qwikfront plugin will be developed further with additional features and will be released free without any intervention of money with my development work.I love money, but I hate them when it comes to building relationship.