Back to AM Square ONE

I was away from my lappy due to my office work as well as some marriage related work for nearly a month now.Just got hold of myself in these falling times.My mother suddenly fell ill due to tiredness and her Blood pressure raised making her lose consciousness yesterday.We took her to the hospital and the treatment has just started.
My domain purchases have been mocking at me that I have wasted so much of money in simply purchasing them.So I started with the new project with an old domain of mine which I had just forgotten.It happened that the site is already getting 3k uniques per month now without my knowledge and I thought that its right time to get it going into new heights.
I’m a novice when it comes to doing AM things, and lazy too, hence I got hold of an existing theme and existing plugin for wordpress to get going, and mochimedia gaming plugin came to my rescue.
Now then, I’m not like tyler who keeps on updating his site mentioning about his project day to day since I want to get it going in one shot.
Although I have no idea whether I’m gonna make money through this site or not, I think the site traffic will surely increase in time if I keep it updating from time to time.This is my reentry to the Am world since I had stopped it long back due to personal work hindrances.