An earned minute to blog

I have been working working working for last 2 weeks here in singapore, and it had been really not so pleasant week as there were some highs and lows in discussions.I normally feel bad when I have to argue to make my point.Well its all part and parcel of life it has become for me now.Also the plans to getting married are closing in as my fiance is totally a bizzare creature whom I have really fallen in love with.Love is one thing that no human can explain but only feel it express it. Also I have stopped speaking or blogging cryptic statements I have been doing for long.I think the simplicity which was originally mine is setting in.
Well all my colleagues have gone to office now its saturday, they feel its very nice to be in office on this day too, but leave me alone, I’m better good shape in my room blogging to my heart and soul and here I’m blogging.

Well later these days the KIX tv channel is showing nice chinese kungfu movies and anime movies that start at 9pm in the night.Everyday I come back from office I have made a resolution to watch atleast one movie and sleep.It has moved my time by 2 hrs to sleep.
Had a big plate full of two teaspoons filled with MTR rava upma mixed with yoghurt as breakfast and waiting for noon to come to think what to do in the afternoon.Its really hot outside at 38 degrees , that’s the main reason I dont wanna go out here in singapore.