Mistook Campaign on Facebook

Well everyone who looks at the title wonder what does the title mean. The way I have been setting up campaigns on Facebook was very simple and notupto mark .I never used the tracking, nor I used proper landing page to send the traffic. All I used to do was pickup a email submit offer that pays anywhere abt 1.2 to 1.5 or say 3, and download an image from google and setup an ad with not much capital letters with the same text.

say for iPad : ‘Win an Ipad free. Just register with your email to win a free Apple IPad. Participation required’

And all I used to get was a cpc of about 33c and a ctr of about 8% and epc of about 20c, making a huge loss of 33% on my investments.

Till now I never understood the details as to how I’m losing the money to facebook,and I was always of the impression that facebook is sour.
But today I happened to relook into facebook campaign setup and  found an interesting hack.Well to tell you the truth, I was doing it the hard way where as people are making huge money out of facebook without sweating. Will be back later, 🙂