MarketHealth network for Health Products

I have been planning to promote health related offers and products to start with my PPC campaign and I was looking for a legible and authentic Affiliate network for that. I remembered that earlier in my previous blog ( I had reviewed few affiliate networks and their source of products. Then I got only two networks one Lidango and other MarketHealth from my posts in my backup, that extensively offer health related products to promote. But still I could not get my Lidango login to work since I had long forgotten the username for my login due to my inactivity in their site, since I have been promoting email submit offers till now.

But from my experience with Lidango, its run by a professional affiliate marketer (sorry donno his name).I had a chat with him when I had created that account and he’s a nice guy, will soon approve you If he finds you are a true affiliate marketer and not a roadside blackhat.I feel sorry for myself that I need to look into my recordstores to find my password for that account.
I give an additional plus point when it comes to my insight into Markethealth sites and network. I did not have a affiliate account with them till today and just signed up. The main reason to signup with them are , one – they explicitly offer health related products to promote and have a neat classification of products, two – they will train you whatever level you are at in affiliate marketing, three- they provide you with all banners,scripts,articles and guidance to setup everything for your ease, fourth – they have a bimonthly payment and can also pay on wire,paypal,check and debitcard like payoneer, fifth – he menu and insider options are very friendly to navigate.Also they offer 5% of webmaster referrals too, which is really cool.
So my next step is to buy my new domains, (I lost lot of domains due to expiry and not able to find products to promote earlier),start with the true affiliate marketing campaigns using true affiliate methods I have learnt from the wealthyaffiliates tutorials.