Face the Fear and Failure

Every human being falls into the trap of fate one or the other time.And one who likes challenges do face it more number of times
than the one who stays and plays safe.As for affiliate marketing or online entrepreneurship is concerned,the risks and
margin of profit are really unimaginable. large number of people who start on internet thinking that they too can become the next john cow,tyler cruz,ianfernando or volken rather think and surf more than what they actually are supposed to be doing to become like them.
By the time one starts working towards that, the fear starts stepping in.There are different types of fear for a noob.

1. Will my family support me doing this?.
2. Will I be able to recover if I lose a lot?.
3. What if 1000 clicks and no conversion for the same ad that Tyler used ?.
4. Will I be penalized by bank for overusing it?
5. Will I be prosecuted for using black-hat methods(copying copyrighted images and materials)?.
6. What if the network does not pay me?

I have listed whatever I may have felt in the last 2 years of being on internet, and there may be many in the list too which needs to be addressed.
OK, then coming to the question before us — how to face this fear?.
Facing fear needs courage, and courage comes from the inner confidence and a strong self belief.
If you don’t believe in yourself then you are inviting your doom.What all other internetpreneurs do is their own and its never 100% true.
Consider John chow, or John Cow, they earn dollars for whatever they post, whether its a review of an item or promoting of an unreleased product.
So its common for them to mention few positive words about the product they promote, since they make some dollars from it.
It may be true or it may not be, this decision should come from ones inner-self, but not from their reviews.
If you really feel that you can afford it, without harming your pocket, or you feel that you have extra money go forward and buy it.
Also to mention that the internetpreneurs are also humans, and are never satisfied with what facility a software or a script provides to them.

So where to find that self belief and courage and confidence ?
It is simple, first go to sleep,forget what you lost,forget where you did wrong,forget the method that failed you.
Second on a fresh day open google up and think back years when you first started searching on internet. This will definitely give you an insight of
what a normal dumb-ass user will look for in internet.
Now think back in months when you first setup your blog, and how successful you were.Think fresh and write a new post.
Now think back in months when you first added an ad on your blog and do that for a different ad and different network.
Its all in repeating and rinsing yourself in your successful memories, to keep aside and clean yourself from fear and memories of failure.
This will also give a high level of confidence and you can start your internetpreneurship afresh.