Ampedmedia Declines Application

It was so fast that I applied yesterday in the happiness of making some bucks in CPA marketing and it so happened that within 24 hours my application got declined.

Its obvious that as I had already stated earlier in my old blog that the networks themselves do not want to have more people joining since they only look for quality not quantity. But mentioning that would not have harmed them anyway.

Here’s the mail I got from them

Sorry, Your Application Was Disapproved
We regret to inform you that your Application for membership in the Amped Media publisher program has been declined. Although the reasons for denial vary, we may have been mistaken in our decision to deny your application. If you feel your application has been declined in error, please feel free to contact our office directly.

In some cases you may receive an additional email that explains the exact reason for denial. The most common reasons for denial are: Inaccurate contact information, unreachable domain, or your website was deemed incompatible with the Amped Media publisher program.

Thank you.