Facebook Campaign Split Testing

Last campaign I ran was a simple direct linking one with Tracking202 as my tracker.Its really different than earlier now on facebook advertising I observed through this campaign. I Observed that never ever the campaign ctr will grow over 0.1% in a facebook campaign and also we can never reduce the campaign average cpc less than 0.2, mainly due to the fact that facebook decides based on the number of people, number of impressions and an average number of clicks per thousand impressions and not on the keyword basis.
So this time I started a new campaign, thanks to Peerfly that there were more than one campaign offers were available on Blackberry 2.
I Created 3 Ads for the 3 Blackberry offers on Faceb0ok with the same bid of $0.3 CPC.  A drill down of the ads and their earning were found to be different than what I actually had thought earlier.

Win A Blackberry Storm 2A

Impressions : 123,053

Clicks :53

CTR (%) :0.04

Avg. CPC ($) :0.27

Earning : $13.50

Win A Blackberry Storm 2B

Impressions : 11,770

Clicks :3

CTR (%) :0.03

Avg. CPC ($) :0.25

Earning : $0

Win A Blackberry Storm 2C

Impressions : 24,088

Clicks :9

CTR (%) :0.04

Avg. CPC ($) :0.27

Earning : 0

So What is my learning from this ?

1. People on Facebook seek simpler and realistic ads than the dazzling and colorful ads.

2.  Colorful ads do  not give clear indication of the campaign lead results.

3. Happy Holi. 😉