Email Submit Campaign

Well to tell the truth I really made a lead in CPA Marketing using PPC with direct linking atlast. Joining PPCCoach was really the best thing I did ever in my affiliate life, that gave me a good kickstart where to start and how to start PPC marketing.

I nearly stumbled upon so many sites and bloggers claiming that they have made millions and how they established their own company, and was really feeling myself to be in their shoes some time.Although I’m not in their shoes, but it makes me feel say that making atleast $1 once in a while really makes you feel happy for its always an achievement.

Yesterday after my first campaign was scrapped by Facebook, I started a new campaign selecting a email submit offer paying $1.5 from peerfly.

But this time in order to know the traffic route, I setup my tracking202 domain as my affiliate linking url so that all the traffic goes through my tracking link.

Till now there had been 19k impressions on the ad and there have been 6 clicks out of which 1 lead result.This is not bad although the ctr is too low for a CPC of $0.24, may be it will improve on Saturday or Sunday which I think is the best time people start surfing internet.

As of now totally my CPA Marketing earning stand at $7.20 hurray.