My First Facebook CPA Campaign

At last I too gathered some courage to create my first CPA Campaign on Face-book using the free credits I got with my hosting. I Think I should have done this long back instead of waiting for this time.Though all the experiences are phases for new learning, this one I think will be important.

I had received about $50 Free credits from my hosting last month, which I planned to utilize in a better way by starting up a Campaign.
To start the campaign I chose Cupaucu Vital that pays about $43 per free trial Lead.
Since its a first Lead Campaign, I set it up with Direct linking to the affiliate URL instead of creating a web page for tracking leads or gathering emails.

I have created two ads both with a small image from the offer itself, to make sure which of the ads will be clicked most.

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  At $0.45 Per Click
Youth in a bottle,the secret to Wrinkle free skin.

2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx At $0.45 Per Click
Slows cell aging process. Promote New Healthy Skin

Will add the updates once I start getting enough traffic and leads.
Keep watching this space.