What laptop to buy! Eieeeek

OK! Atleast today I got sometime to write on my blog after a month and half, working day and night for my company project.I actually do think too much If my laptop is on my lap more than the when viewing monitor on the desk, since I left my desktop for my parents to pass time.
Since my earlier lovely Turion MT-32 Asus Laptop went negative, I mean – the LCD screen lost its colors showing me now only the colors of the netherly world.

As you can see down here, actually it has started to show all possible colours in one go in an effort to give me full knowledge about all colors in the world I may have not even heard of.

I really want to buy a new laptop now and have been trying my level best to decide which one to buy since all my personnal AM work has come to a dead stop since the demise of the Asus LCD.
Its very difficult to buy a new laptop online in India since there are not much affordable online sites where I can buy the Laptop of my choice and also using credit card is too risky .

I have been looking for a nice Core i3 – Radeon Graphics laptop which costs around 34-36k or to go for a budget laptop around 21-27K of T6600 Geforce 8200.Its necessary for me to buy a Laptop with a graphics card and high speed proc since I want to do my own design to resign and also I’m a multitasking geek.
But still I’m unable to decide on a single laptop due to the fact that I want to save something for my marriage too!.