Being a Broadcast Blogger

Sometimes it becomes too much difficult to find enough time to simultaneously update blog,update status on facebook and twitter accounts and also writing articles over blogger accounts and even posting images and circulating video’s for your subscribers everything at a time.

There are so many ways to achieve it if there is enough time available amidst work-job timings.I normally start my day at 5:30 Am in the morning and by 7:30 I need to get ready and catch a bus to my office.I work for nearly 10-11 hours till night 8pm and when I reach home exhausted it will be 9:40 PM.Within the available time of 9:40PM to 7:30 AM I should sleep,relax, spend time with parents, do my personal work and alongside with that I need to work on my personal web projects and plugins and also do blog postings.

This is really troublesome since I have so less time and feel tired so often due to workloads and travelling.But recently I was searching for a nice wordpress theme (Till now I’vent found a good one for my blog though), and came across two great services which do the tasks for you.

1. Posterous :

Posterous is a blogging platform just like wordpress, but it provides some additional features like broadcasting the posts to your facebook,twitter and other web2 profiles.Also you can add your own domain name just by purchasing it and setting the A name, unlike wordpress where you need to purchase a subscription too.

2. Tumblr :

Tumblris a blogging platform similar to Posterous, but its effortless to share anything you find or create. Post text, photos, quotes, links, dialogues, audio, video, slideshows, and more.Email your posts directly to your blog. Whether it’s a thought, photo, song, quote, video, or overheard conversation.