Another Twitter Traffic Method

People never stop being creative, whether it may be nuclear scientists thinking of a new weapon or a barber thinking of a new style.Same as that tweeters on the net too find their own methods to increase their existence and score the new heights and records. I have looked upon various methods of generating traffic, may it be revtwt buy-in ads or tweetscope by publishing tweets for getting more followers.

On Facebook one of my new freind taught me a new way to get more traffic or more than that a non obstructive traffic too. Although I did not signup into that seeing that it may invalidate my credibility of twitter postings, I have just verified it.

She gave me this link, but it looked a bit weird to me since I always suspect to use the url’s, as I normally download lot of softwares, thinking it may have virus.But she assured me that there is nothing like that and when I clicked it directly went to retweetsite.

Ok What is that retweet ?

Well here people buy credits and post their affiliate links or cpa offers as one does on google adwords.One click = 10cents fixed.Then on every click the user gets 0.5 credit.Like this users can really post their ads or cpa offers, affiliate links and get it tweeted. One more thing is this will definitely gonna crash twitter database servers for sure.