Effective Management of List Subscribers

Every successful business is not without a mailing list, and mailing list also forms the basic building block of trust in a business.
But effectively managing the list of subscribers is very much necessary in a business to ramp up or speeden up the profit.there are 2.3 26 Million squeeze pages today on internet with various offers and a email signup form waiting for a visitor to signup and download a script/pdf report/ or a set of junk material which the user may be interested in.
Now-a-days the visitors have also become more intelligent in effectively using their email id’s.Don’t ask me it would be evident from the reports when you check how many users have opened their emails,how many have clicked through the content and how many have visited your links embedded in the email.
So then how to get some useful email id’s and those users to check your emails and click the links embedded within?.
I too have subscribed in my lifetime to about more than hundreds of squeeze pages or subscribe forms and have been receiving thousands of emails into my mail box, and also have been deleting them or either abandoning my mail id itself sometimes.This is what normally people do in case of too many mails.So the better way to be in contact with the user is to call them over phone and have a good rappo with them before you send them emails.
That’s how the pay per call strategy came into place.