New WordPress Datafeed Plugin Features

Well before releasing the new wordpress plugin to public I thought let me take a note of current features of the new kid in the line.Its to Note that the fact that it supports only 5 networks .

The new plugin really works on the same lines as that of bridaluxe plugin, and also tries to provide some features of datafeedr too, thus a mini datafeedr I can say.The current features of the yet to be released ——

1. Upload  the Affiliate datafeed Files from CJ (csv),SAS(pipe),POR(csv),BuyAt(csv),AffFut(csv).

2. Create File Configuration for each network

3. Clear Seperation from wordpress posts .

4. Delete file to delete products (Deletes Post Automatically for that loaded file).

5. Just a single line of code to create a StoreFront. (Create a Page and add [xyz] to create store).

6. Your keyword are the store categories. ( Create Keyword list in configuration  and  Show them as categories and list products from the same keyword list). This helps in listing only those products that match your keywords, eliminating all unnecessary ones.

7. Supporting SEO url structure.

I will not be releasing the Shop-N-Jam plugin since it depends on Jce-tech affiliate shop demo for working. The new plugin will overcome that by completely working on its own without any dependencies.
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