On first page of Google

Well it would be the happiest moment for any IM geek when their blog or site appears first on google after spending lot of efforts.I too am happy that two of my blogs appear on the first page of google today when I searched for a specific term or set of terms.Taking the example of my other site which is mostly focussed on my wordpress datafeed plugins being written and already written, such as Speedfeedr and X (Yet to name it), its name itself is enough to rank it in the first place, but it requires a meaning to be in the first plac. Since I had already been working on the shareasale wordpress and magento plugins, I had thought datafeedplug.in would be the best name for it, and for my luck, I got the domain with no efforts at normal price for a .in domain.

And coming to the Magento plugin I preferably didn’t want to put it on that site since I planned to release a more versatile plugin which I could make rule over all other datafeed plugins, adding more features than my other plugins.Hence I made my magento plugin available here on codejacks.com itself.Till now there had been more than 150 downloads of the plugins (different versions) and that too I have updated on every iterative feedback provided to me by the honourable abestweb members.

Anyway ‘datafeed plug-in’  rocks the first page of Google,adding a first achievement in IM for me.