Three Stooges of Affiliate Marketing

Oooh Laa laa! Happy New Year to all and myself. I celebrated the new year with a grand function with our Indian Models, TV Stars and Bollywood celebrities last night with a bang at Mumbai.You may not be astonished to know how did I do that sitting at Bangalore though?.

Coming to the topic, everybody in the field of Affiliate Marketing, or rather say in the venture to make money, rather forgets to understand what type of person actually he is before stepping into that. That’s why all Pro’s say learn yourself before learning anything. Yes! There are hundreds of ways to do affiliate marketing and I chose to emphasize on three of them.When people want to make money on Internet the first thing that easily captures them is blog-rss feeds-adwords-money criteria.But for some people they never do that since they want to do more technically adventurous and profitable, and those people look for PPC .

I’m coming to the real one here, yes here goes the classifications now.

1.Make  Money Affiliate Marketing

The people who want to make money quick are called Make Money Affiliate Marketers, and they actually follow the easiest and crude ways to make money which never lasts for long. Taking examples of adwords blogs,autoblogs,suveys and GPT sites,HYIP’s and LYIP’s, forum making and providing small link building services.These actually saturate in long term and the number of people who appear and vanish are enormous and volatile.These people will make money but not fortune, and again suffer with insecurity and losses in long term.My advice to them is stop doing nonsense and have common sense.EE.g You can find such people at DPForums,Blackhatworld forumse etc.

2. Build Money Affiliate Marketing

Well there is a difference between Make and Build,and these are the people who really build strong relationships with the markets,merchants, people and affiliate networks .The people who do PPC,PPV marketing and establish themselves into the Affiliate Marketing Arena.They always play with calculation and seldom lose their capital.Even if they lose, they have lot of backup and plan to execute their tasks in other means if necessary. They do not care about blackhat or whitehat and maintain their profit secrets.Eventhough they say I will teach you ABC of Affiliate markting in videos, they only touch upon those which everybody has uttered in thousands of forums,videos and pdf ebooks.e.t.c You can find them at all Affiliate meetups having a jug of beer.

3. Build Business Affiliate Marketing

Well here comes the pro’s who are always unknown to normal affiliate marketing chaps.These people or rather the affiliate marketers who slowly become affiliate merchants by producing products of their own.They normally start with small products of their own and then move on to bigger ones and then make it paid ones thus attracting thousands of people.They normally work rather slowly and steadily since they always focus on long term business value and not short term returns.e.g WealthyAffiliate,PPC_Coach,AffCoach,Shoemoney Systems and so on..

I too started affiliate marketing with the urge to make money and setup only one good autoblog which moved upto PR3 ,but after it expired from my hand.I never was a successful PPC/PPV affiliate marketer though I want to do it, but lack of capital and a feel of insecurity due to earlier experience in forex.But my traits are I’m a good programmer and for me the one advantage is “Technology NoBar”. I mean I do not care what technology it is and I don’t feel any problem working in any technology .It may be PHP or VB, C# or Java its all one and the same for me. Every script or language contains same logic of if/else/while and nothing else.So what I can only do is program,code and develop good product to be used by other people.

May be one day I can start a company.