Magento Shareasale script released

I had been busy working on my other scripts for a long time and could not focus on my other workarounds lying around without much appreciation.I would be happy if somebody appreciates my work and effort to make something more useful and more affordable.To make my scripts usable is to release it to the users who are waiting to download and make a good use of it.Hence I’m releasing my best plugin Magento-Shareasale-Datafeed plugin script free for my members.
Make yourself free to join my network and get the free copy of ‘Magepress’ (That’s what I call it).
You will get the script,templates,and tutorial how to create the Advanced Profile (Just copy paste) to load the shareasale datafeed into magento ecommerce setup.
Note: The datafeed files need to be uploaded to /app/var/import folder to be read by the script, since profile does not have option to load the file to your server from frontend.
And for the usage and working of the script watch the video in the below link (high-resolution 1280×768).