Being a Wealthy Affiliate Now

Its a known fact that there is not a single guy in my friends circle who is so spendthrift as me. I normally spend only if its required and most of my friends earlier used to call me ‘Conjoos’. Sorry for the term, but its slang which means ‘ A Person who’s scared to spend money’. Jokes apart, I have been into Internet marketing partially since an year without making a single penny.And as I told in my earlier post, I happened to purchase the subscription to Wealthy Affiliate.

At the first impression, I didn’t like the content what I saw since most of them is what I know in average. But it really matters when you see the real content and understand the real meaning of what you know.

For e.g I know about the common task of article marketing,keyword sniping,PPC and so on, but what took me by surprise was the content is so deeply explained and well written by the pro’s on Wealthy Affiliate that I could not hold myself going through each and every single line of it.

I feel very sad that I said “I Know almost”, but I missed that most in my earlier post. Its abundant resource for any person who is interested to build his life from scratch in  my opinion. Now I am setting up one by one plans so that i can make more learning out of Wealthy Affiliate membership and learn as much as I could from that before making my business.

Wealthy Affiliate membership does not

1. Give you readymade tools and websites to run your business or affiliate site.

2. Give you affiliate links to signup and make money like CPA offers.

3. Give you advice to buy X or Y product every month.

4. Scam you every day like other services.

But What Wealthy Affiliate gives you is

1. A Platform to learn Affiliate Marketing basics,advanced and pro techniques

2. What is making news and what is not.

3. Basic Affiliate tools for reasearch.

4. Light to lead you in proper direction.

I have clearly written what is in my mind.Its one’s wish if he really wants to grab this as an opportunity to be the next BillGates.
That’s why I say – Stop being an Average but be a Wealthy Affiliate.