Hosting woos

I have been using a hosting account at Hostmonster since half an year to setup one of my domains and had been working on that
to implement all my ideas,plugins and samples on that hosting.But to my dismay, the servers are exhibiting weird behaviour by going off and on several times during
the daytime. I cannot either work on the plugins right now due to that and also need to desperately move my hosting to a stable one. But since the monthend and yearend,I can’t do that since I’m already empty on my
pockets too.
This month had been not much of advantage in terms of my work and work relationships.I happened to spend about $100 to some membership sites which proved not worth for me as I
am either working on the same thing or I know most of it.I do not have any Idea asof now for next coming days in the week, and hence will stop working on the plugins too since the servers seem to be behaving abnormally.
I better take backups and then plan to move them to a new hosting later next year.May be this is the best decision I take on my birthday, let me be free for few days atleast.