A Fastrack Blog Tweaking

Although people may not seem my blog to be having any useful information they want, its my blog and my interest that matters. Last day after tweaking the plugin I could not work anymore due to some personal work. Just  a day per week holiday is not enough for an IT employee these days, as every one fakes being in recession and blackmails individuals that they will be sacked if not work for more hours.Normally its the words we listen everyday, no offence.I’m not happy with the content of my blog and also the look and feel. After checking my accounts yesterday even finalized that I can;t buy a theme which I really wanted, may be either of the One-Theme Fun or the Modthemes business.

It only makes me sick to think that I’m at $Zero absolute.But still to make something feel better, I thought its good to remove the unwanted sitemap,disclaimer pages from my blog.Someone also queried for the plugin updates which I will be posting next week since there is a lot of work to be done to that.